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Chaotic Good, Chaotic Bad, and, um... Just Plain Chaotic tbh: that awkward moment when a homeschooled kid starts school again and freaks out (i.e. a life update)

Hey guys! *waves*

So as you probably know, I started sixth form at the start of this month!! It's been... an experience, certainly. I mean, it's been good! Really good! I'm really enjoying it so far. But it's such a huge change from what I'm used to, that I'm just a tiny bit Shooketh™, or at least I was during the first few weeks. Anyway, I thought it was high time I posted a life update on here, so I'm here to talk all about it!

Make yourselves comfortable, buckle your seatbelts, make yourself a warm drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey - it's time to listen to Andrea rambling endlessly about something no-one was ever interested in anyway!! Yay!!

*throws confetti*

Soooo let's start at the very beginning, when I dragged myself out of bed on the sixth of September of 20gayteen (listen, ever since I heard that term you can't possibly expect me to just say 2018 anymore okay) at seven a.m. for the first time since June. Which was... not fun.…

A Very Long, Rambling, Completely Unedited Snippet From My Current WIP (I have nothing better to post so here, have some of my trademark angstiness)

I wander aimlessly along the passageways, not really seeing where I’m going, until I stop, satisfied with my little walk, and look around. I realise that my footsteps have taken me to stand right in front of Alexa’s studio. Cold white light spills out from underneath the closed door, illuminating the corridor around me with a thin glow.
I hesitate. I’ve been thinking about this marvellous haven of creativity since I wandered in that day when I’d just arrived here. The thought of it keeps appearing in the back of my mind – I long to go inside again, to soak up the sight of those beautiful and unnerving paintings and listen to Alexa playing her haunting music and maybe try my hand at some drawing or try out the piano. It’s been far too long since I did anything like that.
But the studio is clearly Alexa’s and Alexa’s alone, and I’m not sure that she’d be willing to share it with me, or even let me enter – I remember the look on her face when I went in the other day, and the sensation I f…