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"Sisters": An unfinished free-writing thing, + plus mini life update because I can't bear not talking about myself apparently

Hey guys! Blog followers. Random internet people. Friends! Enemies *narrows eyes*. Joking, I don't have any actual enemies, and if I did they probably wouldn't read this blog. Anyway, hi! How are you all doing? Is it the summer holidays for you already? Are you enjoying the summer weather? If you live in the southern hemisphere, are you enjoying winter? (It's so weird to think that while I'm sitting here in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, on the other side of the world people are wrapping up for winter... that feels like time travel to me.) (IDK I'm a weird child)

It's almost the summer holidays for me, I only have one more exam left, my final maths exam on Tuesday. ONE MORE EXAM. AND THEN FREEEDOOOOMM!! YAAAASS. Honestly my head is so full of maths formulas right now I think I'm going slightly more insane than I already was; I'm literally DREAMING about solving maths problems and equations and just no. This is not good. But I only have to remember it al…