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Life update post: EXAMS I'M SO SICK OF THEM EWWW (tho they did go well), homeschooling nostalgia, Pride and Prejudice appreciation, Eurovision songs I love + snippets from an old trashy WIP just because I can you know

Hey guys! So I just wanted to write a life-update post today, because there's a bunch of things I want to talk about and get off my chest and it might be mildly amusing for you guys to know what's going on in my life, yes? No? Maybe? Ok. Sooo anyway, long intros are for losers*, let's jump right in!

*Yeeeaah, I usually start all my posts with a mega-sized intro.... did I just call myself a loser? Did I not? We'll never know.

I've already finished my human biology and English literature exams and done one maths exam, yaaaay!! ARGH, I'm so glad my GCSEs are almost OVER. I'm so done with revising, I want summer holidays now pls? Thank you. Last week I had three exams in the same week which was ew, but hey I got through it! I think most of my exams went quite well? I'm Very Pleased with how my second English literature exam went, I almost cried in sheer joy when I saw the "An Inspector Calls" question because I'd already done an assignment on t…

What Writing Means To Me

What does ‘writing’ mean?

Ask anyone and they’ll answer,

'It means to put words on a page. To use words to convey something. To tell a story.'

But for me, writing means so much more than that.

Writing means living your life and living in your world but also living in a completely different world surrounded by completely different people; you look around you and you don’t always see the world you live in, but the world that exists only in your mind

Writing means always having a story playing out in your head

Writing means living a thousand different lives from the comfort of your bedroom

Writing means being inside the head of a hundred different people at the same time

Writing means feeling everything your characters feel: their joy, their sorrow, their hope, their fear, their pain

Writing means living so deeply inside the mind of made-up people that you sometimes feel like you’re not sure when a thought is your own and when it belongs to one of your characters. It means feeling…

The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag! (ft. me screaming about things that annoy me and generally being saltier than the ocean) (Oh hush this is why you all love me)

Hey guys! Your favourite blogger is back (what do you mean, I’m not your favourite blogger?? That’s ridiculous) and I’m here to complain about stuff!! Yay!

Look, I like to complain about stuff that annoys me, okay? I’m not going to lie about it. (If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know I like to complain.) I find complaining therapeutic. I mean, if you can actually do something to make things better and do something about the things that are annoying you, then 100% do it mate, don’t just sit there and mope about it. But there are always things that you can’t really do anything to solve. Feeling annoyed that no-one sees things from your perspective, feeling stressed over an upcoming exam, feeling really bloody cold COME ON it’s meant to be spring ffs, feeling insulted by the mere existence of racists and homophobes? COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. RANT AT SOMEONE. LET IT ALL OUT. And when you’re done, people still won’t see things from your perspective, and you’ll still be str…