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Really Random Post - life updates, YouTube shoutouts + WIP snippets!

*jumps into view* HEY GUYS!


It's been a while.

I mean, not a huge while?? Just like... three weeks?

Ok so that's a pretty big while. BUT. Hey, I'm here now, aren't I!! I'm back!! Isn't this exciting!!

Anyways, I do have an excuse for having dropped off the blogging radar for some time, or rather, I have several excuses. These are:

                          1. I have my first GCSE exams coming up in just over a week (A WEEK?!) so I've been reeeallly busy revising and finishing everything off and just basically stressing. (I mean, I'm not that stressed? But I do have LOADS I still have to revise before my exams.) Which means I have very little free time to come up with blog posts and even less time to actually WRITE the darn things. (No but seriously, how come blog posts can't just write themselves?? It would make everything so much easier.)

                         2. I've been working really hard on my WIP, and as I mentioned, I have reduced…

The Get To Know Me Tag: Writer's Edition (i.e. me rambling about myself and my writing) (I LIKE TALKING ABOUT MYSELF OK LEAVE ME ALONE)

Hey guys! So it looks like I've been tagged again, and in a startling turn of events, I'm actually going to do this within a couple of weeks of getting tagged!! I KNOW. I'M VERY SURPRISED AT ME TOO.

I was tagged by the lovely Gray Marie from Writing Is Life, thank you!! Her blog is amazing, if you haven't followed it yet, like... what are you doing with your life child. Go check it out like now.

So it looks like this is a tag where I get to answer questions about two of my favourite topics to ramble about, i.e. 1: my writing, and 2: myself. (Look I like to talk about myself okay?? Call me self-centred if you will, but I can't help it. That's just the way it is.) So this will be FUN.*

* Maybe.

Anyway, let's dive right in!

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