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"Not In The Stars" // Poetry

Went out looking for a shooting star tonight  To make a wish on  To pray on  To wish for the darkness and shadows and nightmares to leave me alone  To let me start living again  For my hope to come back 
But out on these streets all I see is more darkness and more shadows  And more nightmares  And more despair  No shooting stars  No luck  The air smells like smoke and fumes  And crushed, shattered dreams  And I don’t have a choice but to breathe it all in 
I was looking for a bit of peace tonight  A change in pace  A change in luck  For the tables to turn  To finally have something to hope for  For something to pull me out of the black hole I’ve been living in  For far too long  But I guess it’s just not in the stars tonight  Or ever 
I left home looking for more than what I already had  Didn’t like the cards fate dealt me  So I threw them away and went searching for a new hand  A better hand  But I guess it just wasn’t in the stars  And now all I have is darkness and shadows  And crushed, shattered dreams 

I COME BEARING SNIPPETS (they're for everyone to share okay, make a tidy line, no pushing)


It's me.

AAAAH THAT NEVER GETS OLD DOES IT. Try and tell me you didn't just sing that in your head if you want, I won't believe you.

Anyway, I come bearing SNIPPETS! Of my current WIP, a.k.a the unnamed project that's been driving me crazy for about five months now. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this post, where I talk about what my WIP is about (plus a few earlier snippets).

I've been in one of those moods lately where I actually think my writing project is turning out quite well and that it might have some chance of one day being a semi-decent novel. (Question: is it bad to fangirl over your own characters?? Because I totally fangirl over my own characters. THEY ARE SO AWESOME*. *Sometimes.) I'd been suffering from really bad writers' block until recently, namely because a few weeks ago I accidentally tripped and fell into a dark pit of self-doubt... Like, I got so anxious about my writing I just. Could. Not. Write. An…

Life update thingy: my writing isn't going great, but we have snow so never mind

Hey guys... so since I have nothing better to do (wow I sound so passionate about blogging don't I) I've decided to write a sort of life update post! I haven't written a life update in a while... in fact, I know I've been pretty AWOL around here lately, something to do with the small fact that I have zero inspiration for blog posts and even less time to write them. But never mind, I'm here now! And I'm about to treat you all (or torture you) to me rambling about my thoroughly uninteresting life!! Yay!!

Well, as you may or may not know, it's been snowing pretty heavily throughout the UK (and most of Europe, actually, as far as I know) this past week, and it snowed where I live! If you don't know, snow is actually pretty rare in London; it usually snows a little bit every year but it rarely settles and if it does, it only lasts a few hours. Well, all this past week we've had several inches of snow in my neighbourhood - it started snowing on Monday and…