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Writer's Book Tag (in which I try desperately to remember books I've read)


Actually I Hath Been Tagged several times in the past few weeks, but like??? I can't for the life of me remember who tagged me?? Or with what?? I keep going, "oh I'll do this later" but then I never do?? ARGH I'm so sorry guys my head has not been in the game lately, feel free to remind me to do a tag in the comments if you tagged me a billion years ago and I still haven't done it.

Anyway before we jump in, I just wanna say it was my birthday last Thursday! I'm officially sixteen now whoop. And... my life is still a mess, I'm still anxious and awkward AF and I still look thirteen. YAY. FUN. Like, when I was younger and I tried to imagine myself in the future, I always imagined by sixteen-year-old self to be... I don't know... wiser? Calmer? Just... older? Taller, definitely (I'm 5'4 so not that short but I always thought I'd grow more? I've barely grown since I was twelve what is wrong with me). An almost-adult, …

Stuff I got for Christmas, ft. my terrible photography (I have the flu okay, stop JUDGING ME)

Hey guys... So I've noticed that a lot of people lately have been writing "what I got for Christmas" type posts, and I've decided to do the same too!! Yay!!

Just as a side note, please excuse any weirdness in this post, I have the flu and I couldn't sleep last night because I had a fever and I kept waking up alternating between being FREEZING and feeling like I was boiling to death. So that was fun. And the upshot to that is that today I feel like a barely functioning piece of shiz. But I'll try and be coherent here!! I'll try!! That counts for something, right??

Also, I noticed that most people who did posts like these put a sort of disclaimer thing, like "I'm not trying to brag etc etc", so yeah, I'm not trying to brag either. I know not everyone is lucky enough to get presents at Christmas, if you're one of those people here's a virtual hug *sends virtual hug*

Also please excuse the crappy pics, I have no photography skills wh…

The Spaceships and Vampires Monthly Writing Challenge: January

IT'S 2018 PEOPLES!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *throws confetti* How has the new year been for all of you?? Better than last year? I really hope so because last year was sort of urgh.

How was your Christmas? Good I hope. Mine was alright, quiet, spent time with family and stuff, didn't do much (though somehow I didn't have time to do any of the things I wanted?? Like what is happening).

Anyway, monthly writing challenge time! (No-one noticed this is a day late, right? I was going to do it yesterday but yesterday was New Year's Day and come on who does anything on New Years Day.)
Last month's theme was "Christmas" and here are the entries I got:

- "Christmas" by Ral @ The Art of Life
- "Christmas" by David @ Safe as Kittens
- "The Day The War Stopped" by Cossette @ Random Thoughts of A Socially-Awkward Optimist

I haven't actually read two of those, because of two reasons: 1. I have had no time and 2. I am a lazy slob who has been l…