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Blue Sky Tag, featuring pics of my cat

Yo' girl got tagged, let's do this...

Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, MiddleEarthMusician!)

Answer their 11 questions. (‘Kay, I got that far, thanks.)

Tag 11 people. (Lol I don’t think that many people even follow my blog, I’m only tagging three like Mem did!)

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1. Do you like chocolate?


In short, yes, I like chocolate. Very much.

2. If you had to choose between being a ninja or a super hero, which one would you pick?

Ninja 100%. I’m not really keen on superheroes? That whole having superpowers and saving the world thing just doesn’t really do it for me. I prefer ordinary people who do extraordinary things, y’know? Also, the costumes. You wouldn’t catch me wearing something like that dead.

Ninjas are cool. Also, I do karate, so I already know a …

What I Want To Do In Life

I’ve gotten to a certain age where the question “what do I want to do with my life?” is something I’ve been asking myself (and been asked by others) a lot. And the thing is, I’m not too sure. Every time I try and think about the future and see myself as an adult, everything I see is blurry. But there is one thing that I know for certain that I want to do.

I want to write.

I want to write down every single one of the stories that live inside me, describe every single world that exists in my head, give voice to every single character that lives in my heart. I want to write page after page, pour my heart and soul and everything that makes me me into the pages of a novel. I want people from all over the world to read my stories and flock to bookstores to buy my latest book when it comes out. I want people to read my stories, to read me, because I put a little bit of myself into everything I write.

But I’ve realised that that’s not all I want.

I don’t want to be another good little author, wr…

Interview with a made-up character - NO it's not as insane as it sounds (IT'S EVEN WORSE, RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN)

Hey there, guys! Today I've got a very special post for you: I'm going to be interviewing one of my characters! Yep, I'm going to interview -

*purple-eyed, red-headed girl of about eighteen, wearing extremely colourful clothes and a very wide white hat with a purple feather, stalks in* Hey, what's up.

Me: Hey - wait, what?! What are you doing here, Trinity?

Trinity: Well, duh. I'm here for the interview, of course.

Me: What - no - you're not meant to be here! I'm meant to be interviewing Harley, the main character in the novella I intend to start writing soon!

Trinity: You mean, the one you're too lazy to start writing?

Me: Shut up. But yes, that's the one.  Why isn't she here?

Trinity: Couldn't make it, so I came instead. She's probably in a corner somewhere, contemplating how terrible her story is and how bad a character she is.

Me: You do realise that if you insult my ability to create characters, the joke's on you, right?


Of Rising Authors Tag (FINALLY OMG)

...Okay, confession time. BIG CONFESSION TIME.

I got tagged with this about a hundred years ago. But... look, I forgot, okay?? I admit it. I thought "ooh I'll do this later!" And later never happened. It just completely left my mind. But I finally remembered. So here it is. My first tag! I feel proud of myself.

Another reason I put this off is that I didn't really have a WIP at the time. I still sort of don't, but I'm playing around with a few ideas, and I'm using one of those ideas to answer the questions in this tag. It's about... well, you'll probably get an idea of what it's about from my answers.

Thanks to Ral @ The Art of Life for tagging me! Sorry this took so long!! *cringes*

Le rules:
-No tagging back
-Tag four people
-Thank the person who tagged you
Anyway, bring it on! 

1. What genre of books is your favourite (To read or to write)?

Umm… ooh, that’s a hard one! Basically I like all books?? But I guess my favourite genres are science-f…

Indigo's Monthly Writing Challenge: October

Hey there, guys, and welcome to the October edition of Indigo's Monthly Writing Challenge! (Or  IMWC. Because everything sounds cooler when you say it in initials, somehow?? Idk.)

As you probably remember, this is something I started up last month. The general idea: at the start of every month, I come up with a theme, such as "music", "friendship", "pets", "summer". And whoever wants to participate has until the end of the month to write a short story on the theme I've chosen.

Last month's theme was "school", and I only got two entries, but to be honest I wasn't expecting any more than that - this is something new after all, there hasn't been much of a chance for word to get around of this, plus I know a lot of people have been busy this month. I myself posted two stories on this theme, "Hiding" and "Favourite Haunts", part one and part two - check them out if you haven't already! The other e…

The Five Stages of Starting to Write a Story ( + Hey, I'm BACKK)

Stage One:
"OMG I just had the most amazing idea for a story EVER! It's so original and amazing and the characters are so vivid in my mind, it's like nothing I've ever thought up before, it's so AWESOME!! Everyone's going to love this book when I write it! It'll be the new bestseller!! I think I might be an actual genius?? I want to start writing right NOW!"

Stage Two:
"Urghh. Did I actually think this was a good story idea? Well, it's not. None of it even makes proper sense, plus it's all super cliche. How exactly did I think this was good?? What was I thinking?? It's terrible, no-one's going to want to read it, I can come up with stories that are SO much better than this,what's the point of writing it?" (Most of the time, I don't get past this stage.)

Stage Three:
"No, you know what? It's NOT a terrible idea after all! Yes, there are some bits that need work, some details that need to be ironed out, but the m…