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"Ice-Blue Eyes": A short story

Right, before we get to the main part of this post, there's a couple of things I want to say. First, I've decided to change my name. No, not in real life, just on this blog. I've decided to go from IndigoSky to just Indigo. I think it sounds nicer? Idk. Second, I just typed up this short story that I wrote a few months ago, and, well. I happen to be exhausted; it's been a loooong day. And long day = typos in my writing. So if you find any major typos here, could you please point them out to be so I can fix them? Thanks guys, you're the best.


I sat at my desk, pencil held over the paper, and sighed. Usually, I was good at English, but today I was completely blocked – I’d been sitting in this same position for over half an hour and I still hadn’t written a single word. I put my pencil down and stretched out in my chair. There was no doubt about it: I needed a break.

Sunlight was streaming in through my bedroom window. I wandered over to it and peered out. It was…

Short-ish post in which I talk about random stuff

Hey guys... so I feel like it's time for a "life update" post, i.e. a post where I just ramble about stuff that's going on in my life, that interests absolutely no-one but hey, I find them fun to write. So whatever. Hmm, I'm not really sure what to talk about? What's been going on in my life lately...?

Well, I guess there's the Laptop Story, that happened last week. If I can bring myself to tell it, *takes deep breath* it's... it's still a painful story for me. *Sniffles* I'm joking, I'm joking. Basically, what happened is this:

I'm just on my laptop, happily typing away at the keyboard, writing a blog post or whatever, when my laptop suddenly informs me there's a system update available. Okay, cool, I think. When I go to switch off my laptop, I get an option that says "update and shut down". I click it. So far so good. Anyway, the following day I switch my laptop on and it does a screen that says "installing update,…

"Disappearance": A short story

“Hey. Wake up. We’re nearly there.”

I opened my eyes, looking around groggily. It took me a few seconds to remember why I was sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car, and who the stranger driving next to me was. Once I remembered, the heavy feeling that had sat in my stomach all day returned. I closed my eyes again, wishing I could slip back into sleep so I could forget everything that had happened that day, and stop thinking about everything that was yet to happen.

I pressed my forehead against the cold glass of the car window, watching the world zoom by as we raced along the motorway. It was pitch dark outside, but I could see the rain still lashing down the way it had been all day. It had been one of the driest years on record, but the rain seemed to have picked today of all days to come back with a vengeance. It was like the weather had decided to perfectly mirror my state of mind today. Or perhaps it knew what I’d done, and it was crying in distress.

“Hey.” I turned to see…

"Don't You Think It's Funny": A poem

Don't you think it's funny
That tall people want to be short and short people want to be tall
That chubby people want to be skinny and skinny people want to put on weight
That blonde people want to have dark hair and dark-haired people want to be blonde
That pale-skinned people want to have darker skin and dark-skinned people want to be white
That all young people want is to grow up and adults do the impossible to fight ageing
I think it's funny That no-one seems to like their appearance Why can't we all just accept ourselves the way we are?


"Train Zombies": A short story

I was looking through my box of old (mostly unfinished) writing projects, and I found this short story that I wrote a couple of years ago, when I was about thirteen. It's quite different from the sort of thing I write nowadays (my writing style has changed a LOT over the past couple of years) but I think you guys will like it.
Fun fact: the people on the train who get up at the previous stop and barge out of the train are based on the people who get off at the station near my house. So there you go, this is based on a true story. (Well, not the zombies bit, but never mind.)

“What do you think I should wear to my friend’s party on Saturday?” my sister Hannah asks me as we walk down the road. “The pink dress or the blue one?”

I shrug. “Whichever one you want, I guess,” I reply. I’m really not into fashion. I don’t get why my sister likes to plan her outfits out in advance. It’s all a bit of a waste of time if you ask me.

Our parents are out and Hannah and I have just been to th…

"Memories": A short story

I've been thinking about you lately.

I hadn't thought about you in a while. I mean, I didn't forget you, I could never forget you, but I'd just been so caught up in my life that I didn't have time to think about the past... But then that changed, last week.

I was just walking down the road, lost in my thoughts, when I heard someone call your name. They weren't calling you, of course, they were calling someone with the same name as you, but hearing your name made me remember you and all of our experiences, everything we lived through together.

Since then, you've been on my mind a lot. Little things keep reminding me of you; for example, the colour of the autumn leaves reminds me of the colour of your auburn hair. The cold blue sky reminds me of the shades of your ever-so-slightly different-coloured eyes. The laugh of a stranger on the train reminds me of your laugh. For the first time in over a decade, I've been constantly thinking about you and - yes - …

This hot weather is killing me...

Hey guys... just wanted to write a short post about the past few days. I haven't been feeling so great lately. Basically, it's been really, really hot here in London - we've had highs of about 27 degrees for all this past week. (If you live somewhere that's, you know, not the UK, you're probably wondering what the fuss is all about but trust me, 27 degrees is a LOT here.) And I take hot weather really badly. Seriously, I just can't stand the heat; it makes me feel tired ALL the time. I've just been moping around the house, bored out of my mind, but I just don't have the energy to DO anything... it's a weird situation to be in. Like, I try and study something but my brain just doesn't want to work, and I can't go outside and do something outdoorsy because it's too hot, so I just end up doing nothing. I hate just sitting around with nothing to do so this is making me feel really frustrated.

The heat is also making me feel really grumpy all…

"You Can't Change The Past": A short story

You can't change the past.

It's the only thought in my mind as I sit alone in my room. It spins around and around in my head, obliterating every single other thought. You can't change the past. You can't change the past.

I wish I could, though. I wish it with all my might. I wish I could step through a portal and appear, say, a year into my past. I could grab hold of myself at that time and explain what would happen, and how easily I could avoid so much grief and heartache. Just a decision. Just by making a single decision differently my life could change completely.

I laugh bitterly. That sort of thing only happens in sci-fi movies. In real life we're forced to live with the consequences of our actions. No time travel. No easy way out.

I've made so many mistakes. So many. I didn't know they were mistakes at the time - I thought I was doing the right thing, always. But I see now how terribly misguided I was. If only I'd had someone to make me see, make …

"First Sight": A short story

She remembered that moment when she'd first met him as clearly as if it had happened yesterday...

...She guessed it was because she always thought of meeting him as the beginning, the moment that set everything that followed into motion. Thinking logically she knew that that was wrong; everything that happened would have happened anyway even if she'd never laid eyes on him in her life; things would have unfolded in exactly the same way. But she couldn't help thinking of the day that she'd met him as the day when it all started.

That was why, even after many, many years had gone by, she could still remember a million pointless details about that particular moment. She remembered the way the warm spring breeze had ruffled her hair and played with her skirts, the way the birds sung joyfully in the trees, the way the air was filled with the sweet smell of blossoms. She remembered that her parents had been discussing the change in the weather recently, and she remembered th…

My holidays in Weymouth! + Changes to this blog

Hey!! Guess who's back from holidays! I am!! You probably already guessed that! I don't care! I'm just happy to be blogging again!!

Yep, I just got back from Weymouth a few hours ago. Did you guys miss me? I mean, I know I've got a grand total of like three readers but I wonder if those three readers missed me while I was away. Anyway. I'm kinda tired. It was a long journey, over three hours, urgh. But I really want to write a post about my holiday, seriously I've been wanting to do that for days but I couldn't write it while I was away, as I didn't have my laptop with me, and writing on my phone is such a pain.

So! Time for me to ramble on for a bit! Yay!!

Things didn't start so amazingly on the journey there, we missed the Weymouth train by literally twenty seconds (I am not exaggerating) and had to wait for an hour for the next train. Yippee. And then while we were on our way there were "signalling problems". Basically the train was del…