the problem with trusting people

The problem with trusting people is that you can never fully trust someone
We’ve all got those dark little corners to our personality, those little secrets we never breathe a word of to anyone, the ones we take to our grave and that we’d rather die that let someone else find out about
And so you never know when someone you trust might have more darkness in their soul than you ever thought possible. Someone you trust may be a shadow incarnate and you simply never knew.
Perhaps I am being morbid; there are, of course, trustworthy people out there
But they are few and far between and it is near-about impossible to know who is someone you are safe with and who is just biding their time until it is possible to attack.
When we think of dangerous creatures, we think of lions and eagles and poisonous tarantulas. But we often forget that humans are the most dangerous creatures of them all.
That is why it is better to simply never fully put your trust in someone because it is not often a case of if …

it doesn't feel like christmas.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas.
Sure, it’s been snowing outside for a few hours, and the same five Christmas songs have been playing on repeat on the radio for weeks now, and every single advert on the television for the past few months has been promoting Christmas shopping, but that doesn’t mean that it feels like Christmas.
Which is perhaps why she has come here, to this club in the centre of town. She is in search of a little Christmas spirit, something to fill her heart with, if not joy, then something other than the horrible, empty void that has sat in her chest for uncountable months. She doubts she will find it, but it is worth a try.
Flashing, multi-coloured lights and pounding music spill out onto the pavement as she approaches the front door. It makes her feel dizzy already, and she has not even entered yet. A wave of her ID, a deep breath, a steeled resolve, and she is through the doors and into the pulsing, flashing, thumping frenzy of the nightclub, stumbling through the pa…

A collection of short stories // ft. bad holidays, stubbed toes and lost emojis

A few weeks ago I asked my Instagram followers to give me writing prompts for me to write short stories about, and I wasn't disappointed by the responses. I haven't had the time to write all of them, but here's the ones I've done so far. I tried to free-write most of them, focusing on putting words down without giving too much thought to quality or structure, so some of these are okay and some of these are rubbish but I enjoyed writing all of them anyway.



A boy on a terrible holiday
Max is entirely done with this bullshit.
He reckons he should sue his parents for the emotional distress they have caused him ever since they left home for this absolute trainwreck of a holiday. For weeks, they had been assuring him that he was going to have the best time ever!! on their weekend stay at the seaside, and, despite his intuition that they were wrong and that this would be awful, he’d allowed himself to be partially convinced th…

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One Wish 
A story about:
- An aspiring playwright - A potion-maker  - A wish potion - Writing
- Magic - Changing the world one story at a time
- Following your heart - Finding your feet - Finding your voice  - Finding yourself  - Wishes - Kisses - Life - Love  - Fate  - Two girls and the love between them - And the one wish that we all have.

>>> <<<
“You don’t need to change yourself. You don’t need to make yourself normal. You’re already perfect the way you are, because you’re you, and you’re who you’re meant to be, and that means you’re perfect. Don’t feel you have to change for others’ sake. Being different is a good thing.” 
And then she handed me the potion, and she squeezed my fingers before letting go. “Whatever you end up using this for,” she said gently, “make sure that it’s something that you want, and not something the rest of the world wants. Okay?”
>>> <<<
“Go and find your life. Go and find your voice. Go a…

SUMMER 2019 -- A nostalgic photodump of my holidays in Spain (someone pls bring summer back)

Yes I know it's October and kinda late to be posting about my summer, no I don't care, my blog my rules
I guess this is mostly just me being in denial over the fact that it's October and no longer summer and nearly 2020 and I'm in year 13 now and my exams are next year and yeah mind if I SCREAM

This July, I went to visit family in Galicia, Spain. It was very hot and very tiring (making awkward small talk with adults who I barely know is so draining for me) but it was also really amazing in so many ways (seeing my coussies! Swimming in the sea! Staying in hotels! Almost breaking my knee in a crash cart! -- ok not that last one). We went mostly for my cousin's First Communion, and to spend some days at the beach with my aunt, uncle and cousin, as well as to visit the family in general (we hadn't visited in nearly two years - time goes wayyy too fast honestly). 
So anyway, it's photo dump time!
I took a whole load of photos of the Galician countryside on the …